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Geomedia USB PSPA 12/5/09
Portable Seismic Property Analyzer (PSPA)
Pavement PSPA-PU with
small cylindrical feet

> PCC/AC Modulus
> Cemented Base Modulus
> ASR Deterioration
> Concrete Curing/Maturity
> Bridge Deck Integrity
> Concrete Structures
Base/Soil PSPA-DU
with large conical feet

> Base/Soil Modulus
> Cemented Base Modulus
>Thick PCC/AC Modulus
Common Features

> USB-powered laptop peripheral
> Adjust depth of investigation with
screw-in spacers
> Software for analysis of both
base/soil and pavements
> Software configuration of harware
waveform acquisition
> Software capture of qualitative
pavement features
> Strong audit trail to ensure
primary data integrity