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Innovation in Non-Destructive Seismic Testing
Geomedia Services 12/5/09
Equipment Leasing: We can provide short-term and monthly equipment rentals, or will provide equipment through a 2-year
lease/purchase arrangement. Contact us for rates and details.
R&D Services: In addition to our established products for use in seismic non-destructive testing, we also provide instrumentation and
software development services in marginally related areas of geophysics. Examples of recent projects include magnetotelluric instrumentation
and acquisition software, potential-field modelling software in complex geology, seismic utility location, and pipe organ maintenance.
Consulting Services: If you require seismic testing services on a contractual basis, we will refer you to the best-qualified, local
service providers that have the engineering expertise you require. We consider ourselves to be a "provider of last resort".
Training: We provide training courses on theory and operation of the equipment we sell or lease. For areas of specific engineering
expertise, we will again refer you to the best-qualified, or local , university or service provider we can find.
There are numerous applications of seismic measurement of pavement and soil
properties in many Civil Engineering disciplines. In making the seismic measurements
simple and reliable, we think the emphasis and efforts can then be correctly placed on
the engineering expertise. For this reason, we limit the types of services and training we
provide, and will attempt to refer you to qualified, local experts, when possible.