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Innovation in Non-Destructive Seismic Testing
Geomedia R&D is dedicated to extending the application of stress-wave measurement and analysis in the Civil Engineering community. We do this through training, instrumentation, analysis software development and support of researchers and consultants using our tools. We strive to refine and commercialize current proven applications, and to explore applications in unusual materials or structures.
We have expanded applications from concrete and asphalt pavements into base materials and soils. We have supported other companies in evaluating reactor shielding and containment walls, concrete ships, and deterioration in historic structures. We continue ongoing collaboration in technology development with the University of Texas at El Paso.

About Geomedia R&D 12/5/09
Geomedia Research & Development (GRD) is a simple partnership, formed in 1995 to commercialize several technologies developed and patented within the University of Texas System for pavement evaluation using stress-waves. This technology was researched, developed, and patented throughout two decades of funding from the Texas Dept. of Transportation, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and The Strategic Highway Research Program.